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  • Thu 12 Jan 2012
  • 7:30PM
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Imported 1537

Riverside Studios

Crisp RoadLondon W6 9RL


T +44 (0)20 8237 1111


A film poem about a continent at night, a culture on which the sun’s going down, though it’s hyper alert at the same time, an “Abendland” that, often somewhat self-obsessively, sees itself as the crown of human civilization, while its service economy is undergoing rapid growth in a thoroughly pragmatic way. Nikolaus Geyrhalter takes a look at a paradise with a quite diverse understanding of protection.

Night work juxtaposed with oblivious evening digression, birth and death, questions that await answers in the semi-darkness, a Babel of languages, the routine of the daily news, and political negotiation: All this has been captured in images with a wealth of details that make us look at things in a new way.

The longer you consider a word, the more distant is its return gaze: ABENDLAND.

UK Premiere on 12 January, 7:30pm with a Q&A following the screening. Visit www.riversidestudios.co.uk/ to book tickets and find out more information.