Anglo Austrian Feta Qua Qua

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Anglo Austrian Feta Qua Qua

  • 20 Jul 2014 — 21 Jul 2014
Mia Zabelka, photo by Sasa Felsbach
Mia Zabelka, photo by Sasa Felsbach

Vortex Jazz Club

11 Gillett SquareLondon N16 8AZ


Originally used as a name for a weekly club for improvised music, the first actual Quaqua groups performed in the early 1980’s under the heading ‘Fête Quaqua’ at the now defunct London Musicians’ Collective building in Camden Town. The basic idea then, and behind most Quaqua projects now, is to extend existing collaborations / relationships between musicians in juxtaposition with new ones and thus provide a fertile ground for free improvisation. Over the last ten years this has involved an expanding group of musicians from around the world with players coming from as far afield as Taiwan, Japan and Brazil as well as Europe.

The Klang.Haus Untergreith, based in the Austrian area of South Styria, is an international centre for sound art, a forum for creative developments and is based on the subtle principle of auditive perception and sensory processing. Since 2007, the Klang.Zeit festival has taken place at the Klang.Haus. The overall mission of is the interdisciplinary, cross-border aspect of the tension between the visual arts, literature, performance art, media art and music. This is represented by the many projects it hosts, first and foremost being the Klang.Zeit festival. In German, there is the expression “Brotzeit”, which means breadtime. In ancient times, as the farmers came together to eat and communicate with each other, that was brotzeit. klang.zeit, sound.time, relates to this old tradition, where time is shared among artists and the community.

The Anglo-Austrian Feta Quaqua event organised by Mopomoso and KlangHaus takes place at the Vortex and at the KlangHaus, this is be curated jointly by Mia Zabelka (Austria) and John Russell(UK).

The Line Up

Mario Rechtern  Saxophon
Tanja Feichtmayr Saxophon
Mia Zabelka Violin, Voice

Roger Turner Drums/Perc.
Maggie Nichols Voice
John Russell Guitar
Satoko Fukuda Violin
Henry Lowther Trumpet
Steve Beresford Piano/electronics

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