BFI Film Festival 2013

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BFI Film Festival 2013

  • 9 Oct 2013 — 20 Oct 2013
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various venues, London


My Fathers, my Mother and Me by Austrian film maker Paul-Julien Robert gives insight into the lives of members of the Otto Muehl commune Friedrichshof, in which director Robert spent his first 12 years. The film is in the run for the Grierson Award for documentary films and is shown on Sunday 13th October at 4 pm at the BFI Southbank NFT3 and at the VUE 7 on Tuesday 15th October at 12.45 pm.

Le Grand Cahier aka The Notebook is a German-Hungarian-Austrian-French collaboration adapted from the best-selling novel by Ágota Kistóf about two young boys involved in the traumas of local life in a Hungarian border village during the Second World War. The film is directed by János Szász, cinematography is by Christian Berger, known from The White Ribbon. Watch the film on Tuesday 10th at Curzon Mayfair at 9 pm and on Tuesday 15th at Ciné Lumière at 6.15 pm.

In The Last of the Unjust director Claude Lanzmann revisits important sites mentioned in an interview he led with surviving “Jewish Elder” Benjamin Murmelstein in 1975, who had been commissioned by the Nazis to lead the ghetto in Theresienstadt. The French-Austrian film collaboration is being screened at BFI Southbank NFT2 on Thursday 10th at 11.30 am and on Sunday 20th at 12 pm at the Ciné Lumière.

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