Incentives for Austrian Literature

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Incentives for Austrian Literature

  • 8 May 2012 — 31 Aug 2012
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Incentives for Austrian Literature is intended to serve as a stimulus for the translation of the latest works of Austrian literature.

The virtual library is an international literary portal which presents and links works of contemporary literature and their authors without regard to linguistic and national frontiers.

In co-operation with the Literaturhaus in Vienna a multilingual collection of reviews and samples of contemporary Austrian literature is being built up. Journalists and academics specializing in literature present the latest publications, and sample texts provide a brief view of the works in question, with short sketches of the authors to complete the picture. At present this material is available in five languages: German, English, French, Czech and Hungarian.

The translations are intended to make new texts outside the mainstream accessible in other languages and to provide an incentive for publishers abroad to publish them.

The reviews and biographical material are provided by the Dokumentationsstelle für neuere österreichische Literatur (Documentation Centre for Modern Austrian Literature), the translations by the Übersetzergemeinschaft (Austrian Association of Literary and Scientific Translators), and the infrastructure by