Interwar Vienna. Culture between Tradition and Modernity

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Interwar Vienna. Culture between Tradition and Modernity – Book presentation

  • Tue 24 Nov 2009
  • 7:00PM
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Austrian Cultural Forum London

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Edited by Deborah Holmes and Lisa Silverman

Although beset by social, political, and economic instabilities, interwar Vienna was an exhilarating place, with pioneering developments in the arts and innovations in the social sphere. This volume of new essays stretches disciplinary boundaries to consider the cultural and social movements that shaped the city. The collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire resulted not in an abandonment of the arts, but in new forms of expression. The city’s culture was caught between extremes, from neo-positivism to cultural pessimism, Catholic mysticism to Austro-Marxism, late Enlightenment liberalism to rabid antisemitism. Concentrating on the paradoxes and often productive tensions that these created, the volume’s twelve essays explore achievements and anxieties in fields ranging from modern dance, theater, music, film, and literature to social, cultural, and racial policy.

Deborah Holmes is Researcher at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for the History and Theory of Biography in Vienna. Lisa Silverman is Assistant Professor of History and Jewish Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee