The Loss of Shadows

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Theatre and dance

The Loss of Shadows

  • Sat 10 Oct 2015
  • 7:30PM
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Imported 2210

Pinter Studio

Queen Mary University of LondonMile End Rd, London E1 4NS



Real, but not a thing,
Of me, but not me;
A hole in the light.

Across cultures, and across ages, shadows trouble and fascinate. However, in the early twenty first century, as lights shine at all hours and from all things, they are being banished. We are losing our shadows, and forgetting a lesson from childhood fairytales – that the loss of our shadows is the loss of our souls. In the theatre, where light and darkness meet, we might find them once more. The theatre is one of the few places in social life where darkness prevails, and allows us to see the play of lights and shadows as a thing of wonder, fear and delight.

In this new devidsed work by Theater Feuerblau the shadows of Freud, Caravaggio, Plato and Galileo gather to reclaim the darkness for science, art, mythology and a nice cup of tea.

A production by Theater Feuerblau