Marina of the Zabbaleen

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Marina of the Zabbaleen

  • 11 Mar 2010 — 31 Mar 2010
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Imported 1142

Various venues, UK


On the 11th March 2010 Genesis Entertainment is proud to present the UK Gala premiere of the film Marina of the Zabbaleen – the award winning documentary by film maker Engi Wassef.

An impressionable portrait of childhood and family, the film tells the story of the resourceful Zabbaleen - a marginalized Coptic Christian community of recyclers - whose inspiring model of waste management system produces the highest recycling rate in the world by recycling up to 80% of the 6000 tons of waste produced by the people of Cairo everyday.  Marina of the Zabbaleen captures a way of life on film that has since been devastated by the Egyptian government’s decision to slaughter the countries pig population, an integral part of the Zabbaleen’s organic recycling process.

Exhibiting alongside the UK premiere will be photographs of the Zabbaleen by Austrian photographer Hermann Huber.  Huber's photographs document the daily way of life for the trawling Zabbaleen and complement the film, exploring the identity of this tribe-like social group also known as the ‘Invisible Army’.  More info here

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