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Visual Arts


  • 14 Dec 2012 — 5 Jan 2013
Paper Relief
Paper Relief

PM Gallery & House

Walpole Park Mattock LaneLondon W5 5EQ



This exhibition brings together two artists - Andrea Tierney and Amarjeet K. Nandhra. Both work across the disciplines of painting, printing and textile. The notions of perfection and imperfection and the creative exploration of the material properties form their common themes.

Water and Colour - Scientists begin with the observation of natural phenomena. Andrea Tierney’s practice as an artist is driven by the same quest to give visual expression to phenomena she observes in the physical world. By exploring the interaction of water and pigment she pushes the boundaries of watercolour painting.

Perfection and Imperfection - Modern society encourages the notion that perfection should be the ambition of all. Yet it is in the flaws, the imperfections that the true story unfolds - under closer scrutiny everything has a flaw, a crack. It is the unstoppable passage of time, the unpredictable intervention of man and the inevitable limitations of design and construction that provides the context for Amarjeet K. Nandhra’s creative explorations. She embraces the beauty of the flaws as well as the connected notion of repair - both the physical and philosophical aspects of creating the whole again.

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