Musical Workshops with Roberto Rusconi

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Musical Workshops with Roberto Rusconi

  • 9 Mar 2014 — 15 Mar 2014
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Austrian Cultural Forum London

28 Rutland GateLondon SW7 1PQ


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Our project is designed to introduce young musicians of all instrumental disciplines, aged 10 - 20, to techniques and performances of the last and present years, involving them in a 'hands on' ethos. This will be the starting point for a National young ensemble for contemporary music.

This is the first of two projects each containing three workshops, a workshop performance, and culminating in a professional concert. The workshop sessions will include 'behind the scene' access for participants to the professional specialist groups prior to their concerts.

Participants of the third workshop will rehearse and perform a transcription by Roberto David Rusconi of a work by Josquin Deprez.  These workshops and performances are formulated to stimulate young musicians' understanding of sound and to enhance their instrumental skills in creating them. We want to create an environment that is supportive in developing experimental material and communicating it in performance.

The project is intended to introduce new perspectives, different inputs and real interdisciplinary work providing additional material for GCSE/A level Music and Science. Students will receive a document confirming their participation.

The workshops will explore extended technique and theory, compositional techniques, and ensemble craft. We will be investigating the ways in which contemporary composers explore and explode the parameters of timbre, dynamic, pitch and rhythm in conjunction with instrumental specialists. We will also look at the relationship between memory and emotion related to practicing and studying.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England

09th March 2014

Austrian Cultural Forum London
10am – 1.30pm 


Workshop Leaders: Hilary Sturt, Roberto D. Rusconi

10.00am   Registration
10.30am   Rehearsal & Workshop on Josquin Deprez’s transcription
11.30am    Break
11.45am    Rehearsal on Josquin Deprez’s transcription
1.00pm     Open Forum/Question and Answer
1.30pm     End of workshop

15th March 2014

LSO St. Luke’s


Workshop Leaders: Hilary Sturt and Georges-Emmanuel Schneider

5.30pm Rehearsal on Josquin Deprez’s transcription
6.30pm Concert
7.30pm Concert given by OENM

15th March 2014 LSO St. Luke’s at 6.30pm


Transcription of Josquin Deprez’s Mirror Workshop performers
Gerard Grisey: “vortex temporum”
G.F. Haas: “Tria ex uno”
Roberto David Rusconi: “Anankè”

OENM (Salzburg)

Leading international ensemble for contemporary music performs regularly at international festivals all over the world. The ensemble organises its own season and several international exchanges co-organizing festivals and artistic happening. The performers are committed to the education and training of young composers and performers through its association with the Academy of Contemporary Music, University Mozarteum in Salzburg.