Über-Ich und Du (Superegos)

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Über-Ich und Du (Superegos)

  • Wed 28 Jan 2015
  • 7:00PM
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Imported 2077

Goethe Institut, London

50 Princes Gate, Exhibition RoadLondon SW7 2PH


T 020 7596 4000

When small-time crook Nick Gutlich needs a hide-out, a stroke of luck lands him the job of chaperoning Curt Ledig, a renowned elderly psychologist left alone in a remote villa by his holidaying family. Soon Gutlich is secretly selling Ledig’s antiquarian books while Ledig is covertly analysing Gutlich’s head. The changing dynamics of this ‘mutually beneficial’ arrangement make for an unpredictable and charmingly erratic comedy with two irresistible protagonists.

Austria / Germany / Switzerland 2014, German with English subtitles, 94 mins.
Director: Benjamin Heisenberg. With André Wilms, Georg Friedrich

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