Unfinished and unfinishable: Collages and the city's front facade

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Talk Conference

Unfinished and unfinishable: Collages and the city's front facade

  • Thu 11 Apr 2013
  • 7:00PM
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In the framework of the ACF’s Hubert Blanz exhibition we have invited architect, urban researcher and Central St. Martin's lecturer Günter Gassner to host a talk. Gassner works at the intersection of architecture, urban design and social theory. He will share his current research focusing on professional conceptions of 'the new London skyline' and the limited focus of architects, planners and historians on designated perspectival views, conceptualised as frontal, enframed and bounded compositions. Drawing connections with Blanz's photographic work, Gassner will elaborate on collage-like conceptions of the city as developed in the aftermath of WW II and will argue that a collage of rear facades needs to be understood as a political act that implies an understanding of the city as unfinished and unfinishable, and, in so doing, works against neo-liberalism as played out in 'global London'.