Women on the Edge of Time

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Women on the Edge of Time – A Weekend of Feminist Science Fiction

  • 2 Aug 2013 — 3 Aug 2013
Imported 1830
Imported 1830

The Horse Hospital

Colonnade, Bloomsbury London WC1N 1JD



The inexhaustible and speculative realms of science fiction have traditionally and continue to be an effective and vital arena to play out the various potentials of feminist politics and ideologies, a platform to re-imagine and critique the current structures, norms and gender/identity constructs and lay bare the most fundamental and pervasive of injustices.

“No other genres so actively invite representations of the ultimate goals of feminism: worlds free of sexism, worlds in which women’s contributions (to science) are recognized and valued, worlds in which the diversity of women’s desire and sexuality, and worlds that move beyond gender.” – Elyce Rae Helford

 Among the works screened is Austrian artist Valie Export's 1977 film Invisible Adversarie:

In the debris of a civilization in decline and the painful disintegration of a relationship Anna’s grasp on reality is flagging rapidly. Determined that extra-terrestrials are controlling the minds of those that surround her, increasing the violence and mobilizing destruction Anna’s interior and material worlds collide with irrationality and paranoia. Simultaneously a sensitively reflexive film about art and being an artist and a radical essay on the self, the image and sexual politics.

“Anna’s schizophrenia is reflected in the juxtapositions of long movie camera takes with violently edited montages: private with public spaces; black & white with colour, still photographs with video, ear splitting sounds with disruptive camera angles.” Artforum, Nov. 1980

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