Lectures, talks and symposia

Congress of Vienna

Congress of Vienna

4 September 2015, 10.45am | Austrian Cultural Forum London
On the occasion of the 200-year-anniversary of the Congress of Vienna, the Austrian Cultural Forum London is pleased to host this one day conference, organised by Jonathan Kwan (University of Nottingham). In the 200 years ...
Architecture: Spaces of Information

Architecture: Spaces of Information

15 September 2015, 11.15am | Institute of Contemporary Art
This one-day symposium accompanies the Fox Reading Room exhibition Everything is Architecture: Bau Magazine from the 60s and 70s. With reference to Bau and Viennese convergences of architecture, art and politics during the 1960s and ...
 Rilke in reference to the world

Rilke in reference to the world

17 – 18 September 2015 | Ingeborg Bachmann Centre
References play a central role in Rainer Maria Rilke’s works, and this international conference will focus on the poetic and effective aesthetic meaning within them. Historical and practical translation issues will also be addressed ...

Österreich Tag 2015

3 October 2015 | Austrian Cultural Forum London
This special day on Austria presents topical information for German language teachers and others interested in Austrian life and culture. The event is co-organised by the Association for Language Learning (ALL) and the ACF London ...

Evi Wohlgemuth Memorial Lecture: ‘1945: A Year of Magical Thinking’

15 October 2015, 7.00pm | Austrian Cultural Forum London
In partnership with the German Jewish Study Centre, the University of Sussex, the ACF London presents this lecture in memory of Vienna-born Evi Wohlgemuth. The 70th anniversary of the conclusion of World War II has ...



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