Lectures, talks and symposia

Austrian Studies 25: Celebrations. Festkultur in Austria

Austrian Studies 25: Celebrations. Festkultur in Austria

9 June 2016, 7.00pm
To mark its 25th issue, Austrian Studies and the ACF London will host a special reception examining the culture and practices surrounding anniversaries. A conference at the Ingeborg Bachmann Centre (9–10 June) will continue discuss ...
How (Not) to Build a Future House

How (Not) to Build a Future House

27 June 2016, 7.00pm
When we think about living in the future we imagine a vision of a fully automated household – with an intelligent fridge and robots that that can anticipate your every need. But are these high ...
Freud's Dining Room

Freud's Dining Room. Furniture Moves Memory

29 June 2016, 7.00pm
Memories of Anna Freud are explored through her legacy in 20 Maresfield Gardens, now the Freud Museum London. Birgit Johler, curator of an innovative new exhibition Freud’s Dining Room: Furniture Moves Memory, shown this year ...


University of Vienna's Summer School

Find out more about this exciting summer school opportunity for international students at the Wolfgangsee campus! http://shs.univie.ac.at/shs


An excellent resource for foreign students coming to or already in the UK.  The website includes a directory of scholarships & a useful guide to the NHS. Find out more at www.foreignstudents.com/