Karlheinz Essl, photo by Markus Roessle

Karlheinz Essl, photo by Markus Roessle

Portrait Concert: Karlheinz Essl featuring Xenia Pestova

Monday 1 February 2016, 7.00pm | Austrian Cultural Forum London

This concert sheds new light onto an instrument we know and love: the concert piano. The instrument’s long history and the wonderful music written for it will serve as a backdrop for this concert, where the piano will appear in a new guise. With the aid of computer technology and live electronics paired with extended playing techniques, the grand piano will display a fascinating variety of sounds. Next to the grand piano, its tiny sister – the toy piano – will also be heard this evening.


Xenia Pestova is a pianist and Director of Performance at the University of Nottingham. Together with Karlheinz Essl, professor of composition at the University

of Music in Vienna, she will perform several of his works where the piano is transformed into a new being.