Austrian artists at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2024

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Austrian artists at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2024

  • 2 Aug 2024 — 26 Aug 2024

From August 2 to 26, the renowned Edinburgh Fringe performing arts festival returns to stages and venues all over Scotland's picturesque capital. This year, you have the chance to see three Austrian performances during the festival:

"Accordion Ryan's Pop Bangers" by Accordion Ryan: Covering artists from all across the pop music spectrum, Accordion Ryan will sing and play your favourite songs like you've never heard them before! Add in a few of his own hilarious tunes and this show is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Fresh off an appearance on Britain’s Got Talent and a hit run at the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe, he is excited to bring his talents back this year! Join in and feel free to sing along during this night of music, laughter and overall fun! 'You’re funny, I like you' (Simon Cowell).

"Bambiland" by Peter Lorenz and Jelena Bašic (written by Austrian author Elfriede Jelinek): In the game of televised warfare, it is unclear who's allowed to say 'we' anymore. One toy land is turned into another. Nobel Prize winner Elfriede Jelinek’s text dismantles the global media war machine as accounts of Iraq's invasion collapse into a child refugee’s memories of the Bosnian War. The violent act of representation is played back before our eyes on video and we find ourselves immersed in this battle of toy soldiers. It all comes back around, especially the wars.

"Mr. UniWorse" by Hubert Mayr: Austrian comedian Hubert Mayr takes stock of his life by comparing it to what he believes to be the gold standard for Austrians: Arnold Schwarzenegger. Whether it's fitness, the move abroad or the quest to make it in the world of entertainment, Hubert managed to do it all in the worst way possible. In his debut hour, he'll try to explore (in his signature dark and sardonic style) if maybe becoming the anti-Schwarzenegger is the way to success. As seen and heard on Comedy Central, JOYN and BBC Radio. 'Plenty of black humour.' (

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