Digital Humanism Summer School 2023

Entry deadline: 21 July 2023

The Digital Humanism Summer School 2023 will take place 4-8 September 2023 at the Vienna University of Technology (TU-Wien).

Digital Humanism is an interdisciplinary field that examines the complex interplay between technology and humankind with the aim of creating a better society and improving our lives. It recognises that an interdisciplinary approach is necessary, breaking down disciplinary silos and integrating humanities, social, technical, and engineering sciences.

The summer school covers a range of topics related to the intersection of technology, ethics, and society. Participants will explore the technical foundations of large language models, discuss the philosophical and ethical implications of these models, and learn about explainable AI, among other subjects. Additionally, the program emphasizes the importance of participation and diverse perspectives. It explores the impact of generative AI on government and the state, as well as discussing how AI can contribute to addressing climate and sustainability challenges. These topics will be introduced by internationally renowned experts, including George Metakides (Digital Enlightenment Forum), Erich Prem (eutema and University of Vienna), Viola Schiaffonati (Politecnico di Milano), Edward A. Lee (UC Berkeley), Allison Stanger (Middlebury College), Paul Timmers (Oxford University and European University), David Rolnick (McGill University), and Anna Bon (VU Amsterdam).

The summer school is organized by the Digital Humanism Initiative, TU Wien Informatics and CAIML - Center for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (TU Wien).

A limited number of scholarships, including registration fee waivers and full scholarships, are awarded on the basis of merit and financial need. Furthermore, ACM will provide free 1-year memberships for all students attending the school.

Please find further details about the program and the application process here: