Fixing the Future - Climate Innovation

Entry deadline: 31 July 2022

Change begins on a small scale, even with the bigger picture in mind. This sentence sums up the initiative Fixing The Future. In 2022, the focus is on climate innovation.

The European Summer of 2021 once again demonstrated that we need to find answers to the biggest crisis of our time: climate collapse. The focus of our casting for new ideas is therefore on climate innovation.

Do you think innovatively? With the support of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), we invite you to submit your original idea to Fixing the Future 2022. We want to make your solutions visible. What is the problem from your point of view? What are you doing that’s new?

We welcome short video clips that explain your project, concept or academic work on climate innovation - for example on water, soil, air, food, economy, education, social affairs, technology, mobility, energy, health, culture. There are no limits to your innovative approaches.

We will report selected submissions on the radio. A jury will give awards to winning projects in the second half of 2022.

This European edition of Fixing The Future takes place in cooperation with the Wanderers of Changing Worlds from Austria. Starting in June in Norway, they will make a Climate Walk through 16 countries. The young researchers want to collect and discuss solutions to the climate crisis from right across the continent. A selection of projects will also take part in the casting for new ideas.

To apply and for more information visit: Climate Innovation -