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Arno Geiger: Booklaunch and Talk

25 January 2017, 7.00pm | Austrian Cultural Forum London

Arno Geiger’s memoir The Old King in His Exile has touched the hearts of over a million people around the world. An unsentimental portrait of Geiger’s father and of coming to terms with Alzheimer’s, The Old King in His Exile ...

Future Baby

Future Baby

26 January 2017, 7.00pm | Austrian Cultural Forum London
The documentary film Future Baby examines the complex field of reproductive medicine and technology from a variety of perspectives. Director Maria Arlamovsky travels the globe to visit doctors, scientists, and technicians. She accompanies couples longing ...
Nikolaus Geyrhalter's Homo Sapiens

Nikolaus Geyrhalter's Homo Sapiens

28 January 2017 | Queens Film Theatre
Homo Sapiens (beautifully directed by acclaimed documentarian Nikolaus Geyrhalter) is a film about the finiteness and fragility of human existence and the end of the industrial age. Powerful images of empty spaces, ruins, cities increasingly ...
Josef Frank

Josef Frank

28 January – 7 May 2017 | Fashion and Textile Museum
Explore the work of designer and artist Josef Frank (1885-1967) in the first-ever UK exhibition of his textiles. The Austrian-born architect moved to Sweden in 1933, where he developed his colourful brand of modernism, working ...
Hidden Reserves

Hidden Reserves

1 February 2017, 7.00pm | Austrian Cultural Forum London
Austrian director Valentin Hitz offers up a satiric, dystopian view of the future in his coldly precise scifi film Hidden Reserves. Set in Vienna in the not too distant future, society is deeply divided between ...
Ilse Aichinger’s The Greater Hope

Ilse Aichinger’s The Greater Hope. A Staged Reading

2 February 2017, 7.00pm | Austrian Cultural Forum London
To launch the new translation of Ilse Aichinger's novel The Greater Hope in the UK, the ACF London hosts a special staged reading directed and produced by Gail Wiltshire. She is joined by her ...
Transfashional Lab

Transfashional Lab. Opening Event

9 February 2017, 7.00pm | Austrian Cultural Forum London
Exhibition continues until Tuesday 4 April 2017 Ahead of London Fashion Week the ACF London presents an exhibition exploreing the intersection between fashion and art.

Featuring artists and designers from Austria, Poland and the UK ...


University of Vienna's Summer School

Find out more about this exciting summer school opportunity for international students at the Wolfgangsee campus!

BKA Call for Applications

The BKA is now accepting applications for their 2016 Artist-in-Residence-Programme. Find out more here.

650th Anniversary of the University of Vienna
Eine opulente Schau zum Denkerzirkel als Höhepunkt im Ausstellungsreigen zum 650-Jahr-Jubiläum der Uni Wien.
Auf über 1000 Quadratmetern wird in den ehemaligen Turnräumen quasi im Bauch der Universität die Geschichte des einzigartigen interdisziplinären Denkerzirkels erzählt: seine Vorgeschichte, die eigentliche Zeit seiner Existenz von 1924 bis 1936, aber auch die Vertreibung seiner Protagonisten und deren internationale Wirkung.

The 650th Anniversary of the University of Vienna is marked with a variety of events throughout the year. The events in the anniversary year range from the New Year's Concert 2015 – the Main Building of the University of Vienna was the backdrop for a ballet shoot – to the solemn opening of the anniversary year on 12 March 2015 and the Campus Festival in June. Our 650th anniversary year is packed with many highlights. More info

An excellent resource for foreign students coming to or already in the UK.  The website includes a directory of scholarships & a useful guide to the NHS. Find out more at

Austrian government awards, grants and subsidies for translation

With a view to promoting (Austrian or foreign) translators or the translation of Austrian contemporary literature, subsidies, grants and awards are available from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture.  Click here for more information.