Call for Scores: flutes & electronics

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Call for Scores: flutes & electronics

  • Sun 15 Mar 2015
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Austrian Cultural Forum London

28 Rutland GateLondon SW7 1PQ


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The Austrian Cultural Forum London is calling for new pieces for Kingma System flutes and electronics to be performed during an evening with Rarescale (Carla Rees and Michael Oliva).

Rarescale (Carla Rees and Michael Oliva) will premiere two works for Kingma System flutes and electronics during a special concert at the Austrian Cultural Forum London on 19 May 2015. The composers of the selected works will be invited to the premiere, with accommodation and travel costs provided by the Austrian Cultural Forum London.

The call is open to composers of any age who are Austrian or based in Austria. Please consult the guidelines below.


Pieces can use C flute, alto flute or bass flute, all equipped with the Kingma System, and should be no longer than 10 minutes in duration. Detailed information about the Kingma System can be found at

Typeset playing scores (transposed where appropriate) should be submitted in Sibelius 6 or PDF format, and all electronics materials required for performance should be submitted at the same time.

Electronics can be either stereo (2 channel) or quad (4 channel) fixed media (in the form of uncompressed .wav file(s)) or an interactive real time system (in the form of a self-contained Logic Project file or Max 6 patch -  with mono mic input from the flute and stereo or quad output). In the case of an interactive real time system please ensure the score includes detailed instructions on how this is to be operated.

The submitted works should not have been premiered in a public performance before.

If the composer plans to utilize a text, the text should be in the public domain, otherwise the composer should be authorized for its utilization.

Each submission must include:
* one score
* short programme note (200 words max.)
* short biography (200 words max.), including full name, date of birth, and nationality

Please indicate whether or not you are able to attend the concert in the event your piece is selected.

Please include the following statement in your e-mail: ‘I hereby declare that the piece I am submitting has never been performed in public.’

The Austrian Cultural Forum London and Rarescale may select one or more piece to be performed; the panel may decide not to choose a composition.

Please submit proposals via e-mail as a PDF (no bigger than 3MB).

Please be aware that the call is only open to composers who are either based in or were born in Austria.

Submission deadline: 15 March 2015

Send the submission via email to

In conjunction with Intrasonus UK.