History of Now

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History of Now – a film by Nadiv Molcho

  • 27 Sep 2015 — 28 Sep 2015
History of Now
History of Now

VUE Piccadilly



‘The History of Now’ is a huge achievement for Nadiv Molcho, who has managed to write, direct, produce and star in this tale of falling in and out of love. Having such control over the arc of the film, Molcho has managed to create a piece of cinema which is incredibly real, honest, touching and powerful to the viewer – encapsulating all aspects of loves highs and crushing lows.The film is constructed from the moment Maya and Eli meet a year following their seperation. As they stroll through Vienna, down the same cobbled roads they would have fallen for each other in - the pair reflect upon their turbulent relationship. Flashbacks take us through the crucial moments of the blossoming of their love. The first time they meet, an early awkward kiss, moving in together, the first argument – until we reach the downfall, a drunken mistake in the Moroccan haze. A beautifully constructed soundtrack which gently floats and guides the protagonists through their journey, combined with two flawless performances from Molcho and Aya Beldi in her debut film - this is a love story not to miss.