Koo Jeong A 2016 Artist of the Year

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Visual Arts

Koo Jeong A 2016 Artist of the Year

  • 7 Oct 2016 — 19 Nov 2016
Koo Jeong A, Civilizing Process
Koo Jeong A, Civilizing Process

Korean Cultural Centre UK

Grand Buildings1-3 StrandLondon WC2N 5BW



At her exhibition as Artist of the Year Koo Jeong A invites fellow artists to transform a solo show into a dynamic collaborative project. Artists will respond to the line drawing Civilizing Process created by Jeong A in 2005. Among the selected artists is New York based Austrian artist Martin Roth who works with living organisms to create thought-provoking and mesmerizing installations. He will present untitled (persian rugs), drawing from the representations of gardens that are commonplace on such rugs he creates literal gardens by growing grass on the rugs.