Mama Illegal

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Mama Illegal

  • Sun 26 Feb 2012
  • 4:00PM
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Frontline Club

13 Norfolk Place,London W2 1QJ


T +44 (0)20 7479 8950

Followed by Q&A with Producer Arash T. Riahi

Mama Illegal is a film about the sacrifices made by three Moldovan women who leave their homes and families to work illegally as cleaners in Italy and Austria. 

Enduring long separations from their children, and leaving their families to face the hardships of life in Europe's poorest country, the women hope to pave the way for a better future.

Director Ed Moschwitz follows the women from 2004-2007 in an attempt to shed light on the often ignored suffering of economic migrants.  

**Official Competion IDFA 2011**

Director: Ed Moshvitz
Year: 2011
Length: 102'