The Robber (Der Räuber) at Edinburgh Film Festival 2010

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The Robber (Der Räuber) at Edinburgh Film Festival 2010

  • Tue 22 Jun 2010
  • 8:10PM
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Edinburgh International Film Festival

Cameo 135 Home StreetTollcrossEdinburgh EH3 9LZ


Johann Rettenberg is a champion marathon runner … oh, and he also robs banks.

Recently released from prison, there’s really only one thing on this recidivist’s mind, and it’s certainly not his girlfriend, Erika... Based on the novel by Martin Prinz, and in turn on real-life 80s Austrian criminal sensation ‘Pump-gun Ronnie’, Benjamin Heisenberg’s tense, terse, kinetic thriller is much like the character it portrays: precise, lean and obsessive – and for pure man-on-the- run thrills, it’s hard to beat.

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