Take One Action Festival

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Take One Action Festival

  • 19 Sep 2014 — 4 Oct 2014
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Various venues, Scotland


Take One Action organises the UK’s leading global citizens’ film festival. They will open this year’s festival with
the UK premiere of ‘Everyday Rebellion’, directed by Vienna-based brothers Arman and Arash T Riahi. The film, which has screened at film festivals across Europe, is a cross-media documentary about creative forms of nonviolent protest and civil disobedience worldwide.

From London, Ukraine and Syria, to the US, Iran and Spain… hailing the revolutionary spirit of clowns, music, ping pong and the human body,

Everyday Rebellion is a moving and playful celebration of the triumph of creativity over repression, and a vibrant reminder that power must always give way to humanity.

Guided by evidence that boldly asserts non-violence is twice as effective as violence in creating change, millions of people are dropping their fists and adopting peaceful tactics to resist blind power – from boardrooms to market squares. Conceived as part of a cross-media project on non-violence, this panoramic how-to protest guide vividly demonstrates that the future of civil disobedience has never looked brighter.

The film will be screening 3 times:

Opening Night Screening & UK Premiere
FRI 19 SEPT 20:15
Followed by Q&A with Arman T. Riahi 

SAT 20 SEPT 19:30
£5/£4£5/£4 – CCA Festival Pass £25
Followed by Q&A with Arash T. Riahi

FRI 26 SEPT 13:00