Hypersurface Virtual Exhibition

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Hypersurface Virtual Exhibition

  • 17 Apr 2020 — 31 Jul 2020


(c) Rob Harris
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(c) Rob Harris

Sophia Mairer, Barbara Kapusta, Stefan Reiterer, Simon Mathers

ACF Hypersurface (High Res)-7.jpg

Stefan Reiterer, Untitled, 2017

ACF Hypersurface (High Res)-11.jpg

Simon Mathers, Atropos, 2020Barbar

ACF Hypersurface (High Res)-13.jpg

Barbara Kapusta, Sophia Mairer

ACF Hypersurface (High Res)-24.jpg

Barbara Kapusta, As Many Holes and Folds as can Be , 2018

ACF Hypersurface (High Res)-30.jpg

Florian Mayr, No coffee, I gotta go. Okay? (An arrangement, 6) , 2020

ACF Hypersurface (High Res)-32.jpg

Florian Mayr, Barbara Kapusta, Stefan Reiterer

ACF Hypersurface (High Res)-41.jpg

Hannah Neckel & Leo Lehner, post.virtual (QR code), 2019

ACF Hypersurface (High Res)-43.jpg

Stine Deja & Marie Munk, Synthetic Seduction , 2018

ACF Hypersurface (High Res)-46.jpg

Stine Deja & Marie Munk, Synthetic Seduction , 2018

ACF Hypersurface (High Res)-55.jpg

Julius Heinemann, The Staircase (Austrian Cultural Forum, London) , 2020

ACF Hypersurface (High Res)-51.jpg

Julius Heinemann, The Staircase (Austrian Cultural Forum, London) , 2020

ACF Hypersurface (High Res)-76.jpg

AVD, avd_d_e , 2020

ACF Hypersurface (High Res)-78.jpg

AVD, avd_d_e , 2020

ACF Hypersurface (High Res)-61.jpg

Rustan Soderling, Sophia Mairer

ACF Hypersurface (High Res)-62.jpg

Hannah Neckel, Post Virtual Garden , 2020

ACF Hypersurface (High Res)-63.jpg

Rustan Soderling, Hannah Neckel

ACF Hypersurface (High Res)-64.jpg

Daniel Ferstl, Simon Mathers

AVD (UK), Daniel Ferstl (AT), Julius Heinemann (DE), Barbara Kapusta (AT), Sophia Mairer (AT), Simon Mathers (UK), Florian Mayr (AT), Marie Munk & Stine Deja (DK), Hannah Neckel (AT), Stefan Reiterer (AT) and Rustan Söderling (SE).

You are entering Hypersurface

We are happy to present a virtual tour of our exhibition Hypersurface.

Hypersurface is a group exhibition exploring the porosity of surfaces – from the human skin to walls and screens – in order to present possibilities beyond materiality and signification, and alternative understandings of our surroundings. Surfaces themselves become, rather than a separator or protective layer, a channel and a connector between worlds.

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication (designed by work-form) that includes some more infos about the artists including special content by some of them, an essay by Gilles Deleuze which, has inspired the curators for the theme of Hypersurface and two short rather abstract texts by both of the curators. Download the publication here.

Hypersurface is curated by Caterina Avataneo (IT) and Nicole Tatschl (AT).

Rustan Söderling - Tannhäuser Gate (Not Really Now Not Anymore), 2017