In Memoriam Helga Michie

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In Memoriam Helga Michie – I am Beginning to Want What I Am

  • Tue 19 Mar 2019
  • 7:00PM

Helga Michie, twin sister of Ilse Aichinger, came to London with a Kindertransport in 1939. In the mid-1960s she began working as a visual artist, creating multifaceted, expressive graphic work in which past horrors of persecution and displacement return almost like dreams. 

Professor Christine Ivanovic, editor of Helga Michie. I am Beginning to Want What I Am, will give an illustrated talk honouring the artist, who passed away in September 2018. There will also be a reading of Helga Michie's poems by High Rix, the artists son-in-law. 

Helga Michie

Helga Michie, Untitled, 1975, mixed media print (c) Hugh Rix


Austrian Cultural Forum London
28 Rutland Gate
London SW7 1PQ