Our Way[s] of Life

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Our Way[s] of Life

  • 14 May 2019 — 19 Jul 2019
The ACF London, in partnership with Central Saint Martins and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, presents Our Way[s] of Life, an exhibition set against a Europe-wide backdrop of resurgent populist sentiment, nationalist identity politics and right-wing movements. 

The exhibition features recent graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, alongside UK-based artists, whose work explores the deployment of identity in modern political warfare, from traditional communities to cultural histories and family. Each artist acknowledges a unified European character, despite growing division.

Featured artists:  Albin Bergström, Alexandra Wanderer, Ann Muller, Calvin Z. Laing, Catharina Bond, Gašper Kunšič, Julien Segarra, LA GEORGETTA, Lukas Janitsch and Rosie McGinn. 

Curated by Elliott Burns and Pita Arreola Burns.

For the first time an in-house exhibition at the ACF London will extend beyond the gallery space with an online accompanying presentation. Existing in a parallel online state, We Remember, functions to compliment the artistic, political and personal investigations present within Our Way[s] of Life. Much as political activism on the ground, in the street, is mirrored by social media campaigning, this digital display suggests the increasingly proximate duality of the IRL and URL sides of arts practices. We Remember draws upon numerous references points, building a textural mix of digital materiality, from JPEGs and PNGs, to YouTube tutorials and music videos, texts and 3D models, Google Map locations and Image Search results. Navigable and interactive, it runs for the exact duration of the exhibition at the Austrian Cultural Forum London, featuring contributions from and allusions to the participant artists.. 

Please visit www.offsiteproject.org to access the online exhibition.


LA GEORGETTA with David von der Stein Bürger, video still, 2014


Austrian Cultural Forum London
28 Rutland Gate
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