Sensory Synergy: Brigita Huemer & Misha Milovanovich

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Sensory Synergy: Brigita Huemer & Misha Milovanovich

  • 31 May 2023 — 30 Sep 2023

This exhibition at Mucciaccia Gallery in London features new works by Austrian artist Brigita Huemer and Misha Milovanovich, curated by Catherine Loewe.
Sensory Synergy describes the dynamic connection between these two female artists whose art is infused with a sense of healing and a shared ability to transport the viewer through the power of colour, material and form.

For this exhibition, Misha Milovanovich has created six unique sculptures, each drawing inspiration from fragmented cubism, biomorphic surrealism, and dynamic visual humour, infused with a shamanic vigour that references the natural world.

Brigita Huemer has created nine paintings on plexiglass that investigate themes of order and chaos focussing on emotional responses to a society dominated by globalisation, technology and control. Her subtle use of light and shadow create rhythms that reflect the artist’s overlapping thought processes, echoing patterns found in music.

The exhibition aims to explore the intersection of sensory modalities and how this interaction creates meaning and experience in art and life. The exhibition encourages the viewer to reflect on their own sensory perceptions and how this shapes their relationship with the world around them.

Sensory Synergy is an exhibition that celebrates the shared vision and dedication of two exceptional female artists whose work reflects a deep understanding of the ability of art to provoke change and inspire transformation.

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