Sonic Cinema: An Evening with Eve Heller

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Sonic Cinema: An Evening with Eve Heller

  • Tue 30 Apr 2024
  • 6:00PM

Sonic Cinema, Pavilion and Hyde Park Picture House, supported by the ACF London present a retrospective of films by Eve Heller, programmed in collaboration with the filmmaker.

Eve Heller’s films sit in a liminal space between physical reality and lyricism, resulting in deeply evocative tone poems that foreground the fragile nature of analog film. A student of both the first and second generation of American experimental filmmakers, such as Paul Sharits, Tony Conrad, Peggy Ahwesh, and Peter Hutton, Heller has been making films since the 1970s and has built an oeuvre marked by it’s mysterious lyricism and probing curiosity in the medium of cinema and its relationship to dreams, memories and time. Predominantly concerned with the found footage and documentary modes of avant garde cinema, Heller constructs her films from educational movies, newsreels, and her own cinematography. Refracting and fragmenting these source materials through an array of analogue techniques such as slow motion, reverses, cut-ups and photograms, she gleans new narratives and meanings from often disparate imagery. This programme brings together eight of Eve Heller’s films, each highlighting the artist’s skill at recording traces of experience and conveying fragments of history.

Eve Heller will be present for a Q&A after the screening.

Venue: Hyde Park Picture House, 73 Brudenell Rd, Leeds LS6 1JD


Sonic Cinema is a research project and event series by Oliver Dickens, exploring the intersection of moving-image, sound art and music practice. It is dedicated to the memory of Louis Benassi. Sonic Cinema also presents occasional repertory screenings of under-screened cinematic gems.

Eve Heller