Virtual Book Presentation: Meriel Schindler - The Lost Café Schindler

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Virtual Book Presentation: Meriel Schindler - The Lost Café Schindler

  • Wed 23 Jun 2021

Celebrating the release of Meriel Schindler‘s debut memoire ‘The Lost Café Schindler: One family, two wars and the search for truth’ we are thrilled to share a virtual discussion of the book, filmed at the ACF London.

Along with the author herself, British writer and director Jim Ring hosts the evening and includes a special appearance from historian Niko Hofinger. The event is accompanied musically by Zac Taylor Schindler on the saxophone, as well as John Haslam on the piano.

Meriel Schindler tells a story through the prism of the famous Innsbruck Café Schindler, weaving together memoir, family history and the untold story of Austria-Hungary’s Jewish population. It explores the restorative power of writing, and offers readers a profound reflection on memory, truth, trauma and the importance of cake.

The video will be available to watch on our homepage online, from 23 June onwards.

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